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You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!

We hope this information makes your preparations easier and you or your child’s time at Camp more enjoyable. Remember too, that by sending your kids to Camp Chickagami you help build a vital camp and conference ministry for the Church, strengthen outreach to families and continue our almost-century tradition of bringing up young people “in the Christian Faith and Life.”


How does online registration work?

ultracamp-logo.png What is UltraCamp?

UltraCamp is an online database used by many camping facilities nationwide to help with the registration and record keeping of their summer camping and retreat programs. All paperwork is digitally saved inside the individual’s UltraCamp account. Camp Chickagami uses this system for all camp registrations.

How do I access my UltraCamp account?

Click on the tab labeled “Youth Camp” and then the tab that says “Youth and Family Camp Registration” to register your camper through the UltraCamp system.

To access registration and account management features, you must create an account first, following the instructions on the Registration log-in page. (If you already have an account from a previous camp registration in a prior year, you will need to create a new account as we are using UltraCamp for the first time this 2018 season.) After you create your account, you will be asked to list a primary contact and a secondary contact, if desired.  At this time, you may also add anyone else you wish to have in your account.

What if I forgot my username and password?

From UltraCamp, click on the “Forgot your login information?” link and fill in your email address. Your login information will be sent to you. You can also email the Executive Director or call the Camp Chickagami office at 989-272-2672, and we will send you the information you need.

How do I register for a session?

Once you have logged into your Ultracamp account, click “Make New Reservation” link on the left side of the page. Select the name of the person going to camp, or the options to make a group reservation (ie: Family Camp), view upcoming sessions, or add a new person to the account.

What if the session is full?

If the event or session is full, scroll  and click on the “waiting list” for that event. You will be directed to the payment page where you are then able to “complete the order.” This will automatically add you to the waiting list. Once a spot is available, you will be contacted by phone and email.

Where do the other tabs located in the main account page lead?

  • Clicking on the person’s name directly – If you click on a person’s name, located on the main page, you will be directed to the “Person Detail” page. There is a “Person Detail” page for everyone listed in your UltraCamp account. The “Person Detail” page is where you may also make reservations, edit memberships (church affiliation), edit/add medications, and view/edit any forms that need to be completed.
  • Accounts Balance Tab – This is where you are able to view your account’s financial status. By clicking on the “plus” sign, you are able to make various payments. The “Sponsorship Payments” link requires a code from a church where a scholarship has already been approved for you. This is not used for applying for scholarships from the diocese or from camp directly.
  • Previous Reservation and Session Waiting List – This is where all your reservations are recorded.
  • Alternate Contacts – Persons not listed in your account whom you would like for us to contact are listed here.
  • Authorized Pickups – Persons not listed in your account who have permission to pick up your child are listed here. You may add or delete individuals here.
  • Friends Account – This is where you add people to your account giving them the ability to email your child while at summer camp. Once you have added them to your “friends account” a Friend Code will be generated.  You will then create a “pass phrase,” which will give the friend access for emailing. Email the information to your friend. Once your friend has received the email, he/she will click on the link which will send them to the UltraCamp login page. Your friend will need to create an account. Once the account is created, he/she may go to the email icon located on the left-had side of the main account page and email the camper. If your friend already has an account, he/she may go directly to the email icon and send an email.

What are the icons on the left hand side of the page for?

ultracamp_download-icon.gif This icon will connect you to the UltraCamp documents. These are the documents that have information regarding the session you have signed up for. You are able to download the forms and print them off anytime. This is also where you find the online forms that are in your account. Click on the form you would like to review or edit and then the name of the person which requires updating.

ultracamp_estore-icon.gif This icon will take you straight to the camp store.

ultracamp_email-form-icon.gif This icon takes you to the page which will enable you to email a camper. Only persons listed in your account can email a camper directly using this procedure (see “Friends Account” above). If someone not listed in your account would like to email your camper, he/she will need to be added to your “friends account,” which is located on your main account page.

ultracamp_sponsorship-icon.png This is where a code is entered if you plan to sponsor someone else to attend a camping session or retreat.

ultracamp_donation-icon.gif This icon is used for donations.

ultracamp_sessions-icon.gif This icon will give you a list of available sessions offered through UltraCamp.

ultracamp_home-icon.gif This will take you back to the main page of the Camp Chickagami website.

What paperwork do I need to complete for my child to attend camp?

All required forms and documentation are available on the online registration module. Please complete all online registration by June 1st.

To upload required documents (ie: immunization record and insurance cards) to your camper’s account follow these steps:

1) Log into your account.

2) Click on the “Additional Options” menu

3) Select “Document Center”

4) Locate the document labeled “Upload Insurance Card” or “Upload Immunization Record”

5) If applicable, select the individual on the account to upload the document to.

6) Choose file (Insurance Card or Immunization Record) to upload

7) Click the “Upload Documentation” button.

Can I request my child be in a cabin with their friends?

We understand how important it is for your child to feel comfortable in their bunk. Our bunk mate request policy is fair and simple. Each camper may make one bunk mate request. Please include the name of the requested camper during your online registration. Please note that our staff takes many factors into consideration while making bunk assignments, the most significant being age.  Bunkmate requests between campers who are several years apart in age cannot be honored and we cannot promise that we will be able to fulfill all bunk requests.

What is the refund policy?

To reserve your child’s place at Camp Chickagami, a $50 deposit is required at the time of registration.  This deposit is nonrefundable, but may be transferred to another session for the same child or a sibling during the same summer.


What should I pack for my child?

Camp Chickagami’s suggested packing list can be found here.


Where will my child live?

Campers stay in our “dorm style” cabins, just a short walk away from bathhouses.  Our sleeping units are comfortable but rustic. Camp Chickagami is for those who want to spend most of their time outdoors enjoying “God’s garden” and the fellowship of friends. Don’t expect resort accommodations! Each cabin will have two counselors.

What is Ocqueoc?

Each week during our regular on-site sessions, the camp takes a field trip to Ocqueoc Falls near Rogers City, Michigan. Oqueoc Falls is a State Park featuring hiking trails, park facilities, and – of course – waterfalls. The falls themselves are very safe – the drop is only a few feet and it’s not very deep. Even so, we always have lifeguards and aquatic observers on duty.

We travel by school bus and have a picnic lunch in the park area. Non-swimmers will be required to wear life jackets and everyone is required to wear shoes of some kind – we recommend water shoes or heavy duty sandals similar to Chacos or Tevas.

When can we check in and when do our campers check out? Can we come early or pick them up late?

Check in is from 4:00-5:00 pm on your session start date. If you anticipate late arrival, that is no problem but please call or email us to keep us in the loop!

Check out begins at 10:00 am with our closing Eucharist. All families and friends are invited to participate. Check out procedures will continue at the conclusion of Eucharist.

During check-in and out, campers and responsible adults must be together.

In case of emergency that would affect your campers’ pick up or drop off – please call 989-272-2672!

Can I drop off my child early? Can I pick them up early?

Due to pre-sessions preparation and other sessions, Camp Chickagami cannot accommodate early arrivals or departures. Certain sessions have options for weekend overnights if your child is staying for multiple sessions. The weekend overnights are $50.


Can I visit my child at camp?

No. Camper parents may not visit their child during their session. All adults over the age of 18 on the property during our camp sessions must have background checks.

Will I be able to see pictures of my child at camp?

Camp Chickagami posts photos on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages throughout the session. While we hope to post pictures daily, our priority is making sure your child is having a blast at summer camp and often programs or activities prevent us from posting pictures.  These photos are meant to be a glimpse of camp life and not every child will be photographed every day. Additionally, some children do not like to have their picture taken and we respect their choice not to be in photos. Please know your child is having a wonderful time making new friends and creating memories to share with you when they get home.

How does the mail work?

Mail is important to you and your camper. Write soon, often, and cheerfully. Keeping your tone happy and encouraging is very important to your child’s happiness at camp. For example, instead of saying, “We miss you so much!” say, “I bet you’re having the best time!”

The Camp Chickagami Post Office will be available on registration day. Instead of mailing your camper’s care packages and other mail and risking they arrive after the session is over, we invite you to deliver your packages to the Camp Chickagami Post Office on registration day.  We will deliver the package to your child on the day of your choice.

We ask you to make a donation to the Camp Chickagami scholarship fund in lieu of postage.

Suggested Donation: $1 – Letter; $5 – Package; or $25 Unlimited letters and packages

Mailing Address:

Camp Chickagami
PO Box 217
Presque Isle, Michigan 49777

Can I send my camper a care package?

Of course! In fact, we encourage you to drop your care package off at the Camp Chickagami Post Office on registration day to ensure your camper receives it during their time at camp.  Please do not include any food or candy in your care packages. We have campers with severe food allergies and their safety is our biggest concern.  Fun items to include are playing cards, coloring books, small puzzles, Frisbees, water bottles, books, nail polish, and other small items that are easy for the whole cabin to enjoy together.

Can my camper bring their cell phone?

Cell phones are not allowed at Camp Chickagami. Please help your camper follow the rules and expectations of Chickagami by helping them to remember not to take their cell phones with them to camp.


The best way to get in touch with our summer camp directors is by e-mail. You can reach them at


What if my camper becomes ill at camp?

We have a healthcare officer at camp 24 hours a day during the camp session and the infirmary is always open.  If your camper needs to go offsite to the doctor or stay overnight in the infirmary, our healthcare supervisor will contact you.

What if my camper needs to take medication while at camp?

During registration, you will have the opportunity to give your child’s medications to the healthcare officer.  All medications are administered in the infirmary by the healthcare officer.  Please include enough medication for the entirety of your camper’s stay. All medication must be in the original container. The infirmary has all necessary over the counter medications; however, if there is an OTC medication your child takes regularly, please provide it to be kept in the infirmary along with instructions for the healthcare officer.

What if my camper has a food allergy?

The health and safety of your child are our highest priorities. If your child has a food allergy, please include this information in the online health history form so we can make necessary arrangements. Feel free to contact our office before camp to discuss life threatening dietary issues to discuss how we can best accommodate your child. For majorly restricted diets, we sometimes recommend that you provide our kitchen staff with supplemental food.

Have any more questions? Email our camp directors at