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Rental Terms & Conditions

We hope this information makes your preparations easier and your time at Camp more enjoyable. Remember too, that by using Camp Chickagami you help build a vital camp and conference ministry for the Church, strengthen outreach to families and continue our more than 70 year tradition of bringing up young people “in the Christian Faith and Life.”

Who operates the Camp?

Camp Chickagami is owned and operated by the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Michigan. Our Executive Director is McKenzie Bade, who will check guests in and out, resolve problems, and provide information about Camp Chick and the area while renters are at camp. She will make sure that together you operate the camp in conformity with Diocesan and Camp policy; protect the health, safety, and welfare of guests; and to ensure lawful and appropriate use of this property.

Rental Terms and Conditions

 Camp Chickagami is owned and operated by The Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Michigan. The camp is managed by Executive Camp Director, McKenzie Bade. The Executive Director’s primary responsibility is to operate the Camp in conformity with diocesan and board policy; protect the health, safety and welfare of guests; and assure lawful and appropriate use of Camp property.

This document is a contract between Camp Chickagami and the Guest or Group Coordinator arranging the reservation.

The terms and conditions of this document are binding on parties, their successors and assigns. Upon reservation, it is understood by the Guest or Group Coordinator that these terms are valid and binding for their reservation. No reservation will be considered valid until a deposit is received. Any outstanding balance due must be paid within 30 days of your scheduled reservation date.

Reservation Policy: A reservation is not considered valid until a deposit is received.

Cancellation Policy: A processing fee of $50 will be deducted from any refund. If your group cancels less than 90 days prior to the start of the scheduled reservation date you or your group will be charged for the total fee of the reservation made. If your group cancels 91 to 180 days prior to the start of the scheduled reservation you or your group will be charged 50% of the total fee. A $50 fee will be charged for returned checks due to insufficient funds.

Insurance: Camp Chickagami does not insure the safety of individuals/groups who stay at the Camp. Visiting groups must provide a Certificate of Insurance showing that the group has a minimum of $1,000,000 in Commercial Liability, listing Camp Chickagami as additional insured. Insurance Certificate is due with the signed contract.

These Regulations and Policies are enforced for the safety and protection of our guests and staff to help ensure that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the Camp Chickagami experience.

  • Every group must be accompanied and supervised by adults.

  • Groups are required to bring their own First Aid Kits and provide adults who are currently certified in First Aid and CPR trained and are responsible for the health and emergency care of the group.

    You and your group assume all risk associated with your stay at Camp Chickagami. The Camp or its staff will not be liable for any claims or damages to persons or property arising from, or connected in any way with, the use of the Camp, its facilities or equipment by you and/or any member of your group. Speed Limit is 5 M.P.H. must be followed.

  • Your group is responsible for Emergency Transportation and for supervising your group at all times. Camp Chickagami does not provide medical care or emergency transportation services to guests or visitors.

  • If you have additional day-visitors guests please let office know as there is a fee of $7 per day guest visitor.

  • The following facilities are available for your use with the understanding that they shall be left in the same condition or better than you found them:

    • St. Andrew’s Chapel

    • Swimming beach on Lake Esau

    • Kauffman Boat House

    • Lee Athletic Field, Basketball court, Tennis court and GaGa Pit.

    • The Craft Hut

    • Campfire sites

      • Near Fletcher Hall

      • On beach by Pioneer Unit

    • Washer and Dryer in Bathsheba. A suggested donation for usage is $1.00 per wash and $1.00 per dry.

    • Sport’s cabin – behind The Head bathhouse.

  • The following areas are considered sacred spaces and are available for your use. They should be treated with respect.

    • The Labyrinth

    • St. Andrew’s Chapel

  • Cabin furnishings, including mattresses, may not be removed or moved outdoors. Furniture may only be moved if approved by the director and if the items are moved back to their proper location before you depart.

  • Smoking is prohibited on camp property.

  • Dogs are not allowed at camp. Exceptions will be made for service animals. Please notify the director immediately if you will have a service animal on the property and to acquire our full dog policy.

  • You agree to be considerate of other guests. Please bring conflicts or concerns promptly to the camp staff and the problem will be addressed. See Camp office door for Emergency cell and staff contact information.

  • Possession or use of firearms, fireworks, tobacco products, gambling of any kind or illegal drugs are prohibited on Camp Chickagami property.

  • Some of the buildings at Camp Chickagami have been in existence since 1929 when the camp was opened. We ask that our renters and guests respect our environment by not writing or defacing any of our structures, walls, picnic tables, etc. We also ask that you leave no trace when hiking through our woods and trails.

  • Violation of any of the camp rules may lead to termination of your stay without a refund.

  • Check out time is 12:00 pm. Before your group checks out please sweep your cabins, and place all trash in the dumpster.

  • Please return all keys and borrowed equipment to the camp office at check out. You may drop keys in the drop box on the office porch.

  • There will be a $50 per hour fee for excessive cleaning required to remove smoke odors or where excessive cleaning outside of general use is required.

  • You agree to pay the full cost to replace or repair any facility, equipment or furnishing damaged by you or any member or your group not due to normal wear and tear.

  • If a renter has lost or left an item at camp, they are responsible for notifying the camp director within 5 days. Individuals and group renters must make arrangements to pick these items up or pay to have them returned. These items will not be held for an extended period. Any items left at camp that have not been prearranged for storage will be considered to be abandoned. Any abandoned items/property will be disposed of, sold or claimed by Camp Chickagami.