Ninety years ago, the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan founded Camp Chickagami on the shores of Lake Esau in Presque Isle, Michigan.

In those 90 years, thousands of kids, young adults, and adults have been impacted by Camp Chick. Those thousands of campers and staff have made lifetime memories and lifetime friends and their lives have been greatly impacted because of their experiences in this community.

All our memories are unique to us, whether it was being touched by God’s creation around us, while worshiping in St. Andrews chapel, taking long hikes to Thompson Harbor, swimming in Ocqueoc Falls, or by just sitting by the campfire and listening about the life and times of one of our most famous campers, Willie Wortley.



And Camp Chickagami, which began as a boys’ camp, has transitioned to a camp for all people, young and old, family and group camping and is one of the Diocese of Eastern Michigan’s most beloved programs and sites for connection to God’s love and work.

Every Spring and Fall, campers, staff, and alumni travel to Camp Chick to work on projects and open or close the facility for the season. Some of the attendees come from as far away as California and Colorado. The thing that we all have in common is that, at some time in our lives, we have been touched by our experience at camp and are giving back.

We invite you to join us in our 90 for 90 campaign. This is an opportunity for us all to give thanks for our memories and friendships formed by Camp Chickagami by giving $90.00 or more to celebrate 90 years of summers at Lake Esau. All proceeds of the 90 for 90 campaign will go towards Camp Chickagami’s current and future mission and ministry.


Here’s an idea of the impact your gift can make:

  • At least $90 helps cover the cost of three new life jackets
  • At least $900 helps cover the cost of two camp scholarships
  • At least $9,000 helps cover significant capital improvements of our facility