Camp Chickagami is a special and joyful place, where lives are changed and where you can make a difference that can be carried out into the world. We are a ministry center in the Diocese of Eastern Michigan, with camps for children, youth and families. We are part of the Episcopal church, and believe all people are loved by God no matter who they are or what their life is like.

Christian Formation is an important part of our program; we share stories, learn together, say prayers and sing every day. Campers and staff members of all (or no) faith backgrounds are welcome. We also canoe, fish, have campfires, sleep outside, create art, do chalk murals, play sports and wacky games, and explore the natural world around us. Serving on a camp staff is a formation experience in itself; while care and safety for campers is always a staff member’s first priority, personal, faithful and professional growth results from serving and living in community.

We are intentional about hiring a camp staff that is reflective of the campers we serve. Staff from any or no faith backgrounds, all socio economic statuses, people of color and members of the LGBT community are especially encouraged to apply.

Staff members have a deep impact in the lives of campers. At Camp Chickagami, the expectation is that each summer employee serves as a model of sacramental ministry, fulfilling an example of loving and servant leadership to the campers and to one another. Every position on the Summer Staff must be approached as a ministry to the campers (rising 1st-11th graders), one that requires constant energy, enthusiasm, integrity, patience, and perseverance. We welcome young adults who are seeking to live into their own potential in this way.

If you are interested in applying, please continue reading all of the material below and clicking the link at the end. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

McKenzie (Bade) Knill
Executive Director

Brian Ouellette
2021 Fellowship Coordinator

Cameron Ouellette
Program Director


Serving as a Camp Chickagami Summer Staff member is very fun and very hard. It involves early mornings and late nights, hot days and loud groups, being a leader and being a friend. It is all about teamwork and living as a model of sacramental ministry, where outward and visible actions are a sign of an inward and spiritual grace.

If all the above characteristics of working on Summer Staff were thrown into a pot and stirred for long enough, the result would look a lot like servant leadership–the Summer staff serves campers and families, each other, and the Kingdom of God with grace, patience, and love.

Every staff member is invited and expected to participate fully in the life of the community. This includes program, worship, and afternoon and evening activities. Whatever the job all staff positions are valued and important parts of the team. The norm is fulfilling one’s specific role…and then some. The whole staff works together attending to the many details that make summer camp happen in the context of Christian community.

Our 2021 Summer Staff Fellowship Cohort will include 8-10 on-site staff members who will reside at Camp Chickagami throughout the summer. They will staff our on-site sessions, assist with operations, and will go "on the road" for our off-site, local day camps. 

The fellowship is more than a job. Our cohort will spend some intentional time learning together, exploring faith together, and having fun together. We see this as an extension of our ministry with our young adults. 

The 2021 Summer Staff Fellowship is a paid opportunity and requires commitment from mid-June through mid-August. 

More information about the Summer Staff Fellowship will be available soon.

Contact Fellowship Coordinator Brian Ouellette with any questions at