Camp Chickagami is a special and joyful place, where lives are changed and where you can make a difference that can be carried out into the world. 

Staff members have a deep impact in the lives of campers. At Camp Chickagami, the expectation is that each summer employee serves as a model of sacramental ministry, fulfilling an example of loving and servant leadership to the campers and to one another. Every position on the Summer Staff must be approached as a ministry to the campers (rising 3rd-11th graders), one that requires constant energy, enthusiasm, integrity, patience, and perseverance. We welcome young adults who are seeking to live into their own potential in this way.

If you are interested in applying, please continue reading all of the material below and clicking the link at the end. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Kayla Hanselman and Brian Ouellette
Staff Director and Summer Camp Coordinator

Open Positions

Serving as a Camp Chickagami Summer Staff member is very fun and very hard. It involves early mornings and late nights, hot days and loud groups, being a leader and being a friend. It is all about teamwork and living as a model of sacramental ministry, where outward and visible actions are a sign of an inward and spiritual grace.

If all the above characteristics of working on Summer Staff were thrown into a pot and stirred for long enough, the result would look a lot like servant leadership–the Summer staff serves campers and families, each other, and the Kingdom of God with grace, patience, and love.

Every staff member is invited and expected to participate fully in the life of the community. This includes program, worship, and afternoon and evening activities. Whatever the job ALL STAFF POSITIONS are valued and important parts of the team. The norm is fulfilling one’s specific role…and then some. The whole staff works together attending to the many details that make summer camp happen in the context of Christian community.

  • Junior Counselor
  • Senior Counselor
  • Program Intern
  • Facilities Intern
  • Waterfront Director
  • Program Director
  • Kitchen Director
  • Kitchen Staff
  • Participation in pre-season staff training date is required.  It is suggested that volunteers also attend this meeting but is a requirement for all paid staff. The date for this training will be announced at a later date.
  • Attendance is mandatory for onsite staff training June 23 – June 29.
  • Due to Fourth of July Holiday, staff will not be required to be on site at camp Saturday, June 29 (after dismissal) and will be required to report back by 12pm on Saturday, July 6.
  • Certain summer staff have earlier report dates and expectations to attend at least one Work Weekend (either Memorial Day or Fall Closing) and Diocesan Convention as a camp representative.
  • All summer staff must complete certifications in CPR and First Aid PRIOR to or during staff training. A list of training dates & locations will be made available to those hired upon request.
  • The Water Front Director must hold a lifeguard certification, WSI and Red Cross Professional Rescuer PRIOR to June staff training. Lifeguards must hold a lifeguard certification, first aid and CPR PRIOR to June staff training.
  • The Kitchen Supervisor must hold certification in ServSafe PRIOR to June staff training. A list of training dates & locations will be made available to those hired.
  • It is helpful, though not required, for Cabin Counselors to be lifeguard certified. (NOTE: Camp Chickagami can partially supplement the cost of certification courses upon request)
  • A program entitled “Safeguarding God’s Children” – a sexual misconduct prevention training – will be conducted during staff training. An on-line course is required of all hired staff, to be completed prior to training.
  • There will be basic on-line staff training sessions prior to staff physical report dates. On-line training is a requirement.
  • It is expected that all Summer Staff will agree to a 48 hour pre-camp communication guideline once hired. By committing to being on Summer Staff at Camp Chickagami, you are agreeing to responding to an email received by you from a director of Camp Chickagami within 48 hours. If, for whatever reason, you are unable to respond to an email from camp staff within 48 hours, you are required to let your supervising director know prior to that time period.
  • Background checks will be conducted on all hired staff.
  • Drug testing may be conducted at the discretion of camp leadership.